Ground Anchors

Deep shored excavations, soil stabilisation, tension structures, underpasses etc are common in Bahrain. To cater the demand of construction of these structures, BDF provides specialist services of installation of temporary / permanent ground anchors. Services such as soil nailing is also offered for soil stabilisations. State of the art double head anchoring machines are the backbones of BDF in providing such diversed services.
Need less to state the available high caliber expertise are also available under one roof.
Some of the proudly completed projects in Bahrain would include Under-pass permanent ground anchors at Isa Town Flyover and North Mamana Corridor Infrastructure Projects.

BDF as a Solution Provider also provides in- depth preliminary feasible proposals to many leading Structural Engineers on the island helping them select appropriate,
economised and safe sub-structure proposals. Many specialised testing regimes of
stressing such as Proof load testing, Suitability testing and Aceeptance testing works are carried out by BDF as per BS & BS EN codes with their wide range of mono and multi-stressing jacks.