Temporary Shoring Works

Restricted spaces and development regulations often necessiates deep excavations. Such deep excavations can only be safely carried out using different shoring techniques. Steel sheets, I-section/precast panels, bored piles in different configurations and diaphragm walls are some of the widely used systems for shoring works.

Shoring works are installed used conventional piling cranes and vibratory hammers. Bored piles are used in contiguous or secant fashion to install the shoring. Diaphragm walls are usually installed by using cutters or clamshells / grabs. Shoring works for deep excavations also need installation of ground anchors or struts systems.

BDF has successfully carried out designs and execution of all types of shoring works.

Some of the projects completed include, shoring works for 20m excavation for Raffles City-Bahrain, Steel sheet piling for Recreation Park at Hidd, Shoring works using I-section / precast panels for Holiday Inn-Express Hotel and many more….