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Bored Cast In-situ Piles
Most commonly system of piling used all over the world to build foundations for all types of structures.

Bored Cast In-situ Piles (BCIS) are most appropriate foundations for sandy soil and weak rock formations.

Ground Anchors
Deep shored excavations, soil stabilisation, tension structures, underpasses etc are common in Bahrain. To cater the demand of construction of these structures, BDF provides specialist services of installation of temporary / permanent ground anchors. Services such as soil nailing is also offered for soil stabilisations.

Temporary Shoring Works
Restricted spaces and development regulations often necessiates deep excavations. Such deep excavations can only be safely carried out using different shoring techniques.
Steel sheets, I-section/precast panels, bored piles in different configurations and diaphragm walls are some of the widely used systems for shoring works.

Ground Improvement Works
Ground Improvement by consolidation is yet another field of Geo-technical Engineering, where BDF has already set their feet. Many mid-size structures such as low rise building, villas, community centres, malls, industrial warehouses etc have their foundations resting on improved grounds.

Specialist Geo-technical Services
The sound knowledge and experience of senior management has always helped BDF to provide a cost-economic and more appropriate geo-technical solutions to many project in the Kingdom of Bahrain.