Bored Cast In-Situ Piles

Most commonly system of piling used all over the world to build foundations for all types of structures.

Bored Cast In-situ Piles (BCIS) are most appropriate foundations for sandy soil and weak rock formations.

Bored Piles can be installed either by using Bentonite suspensions or temporary steel casings.

A temporary steel casing is inserted at location using a high frequency vibratory hammer. Specialised bored piling rigs drill the bore within the casing with appropriate drilling tools till proposed depths. Pile cage reinforcement consisting of vertical main re-bars held together with sprially tied secondary steel is lowered as the bore is completed and cleaned.
Concrete of high slumps is poured in bore using a temmie pipe. The concrete thus is fed at the bottom of pile allowing to build up to ground level displacing bringing all suspended bored impurities ahead of concrete.
The temporary steel casing is extracted by vibratory hammer immediately after the bore is filled with sound concrete.

BDF has successfully utlised above system in various projects. It also excels in providing the client with a detailed design support for this system.